google seoIt’s been a while since I’ve posted an SEO news roundup. Not because I don’t want to — quite the contrary, actually. My SEO News Roundup posts are some of the most popular pieces I create. I’ve just been so busy the past couple of months. Lame excuse, I know. Any hardworking entrepreneur will tell you that there’s always time for things that are important. And if there isn’t time, you make time. Generally I live by that philosophy. But sometimes, when all is said and done at the end of a very long day, there may still be hours available … but that doesn’t mean there’s any brain power left.

I’ve always been real with you, right? I admit it — at the end of the day, I’m spent. I am so crazy focused when I work — and I get a lot done. I’ve worked in the corporate world, and I can honestly say that I get more done in 2-3 laser-focused hours of my time than most people get done in a typical 8-hour corporate work day. I’m not kidding.

And I say that with all due respect to those working in the corporate world. But let’s face it, there’s a lot more social time at the head office than in an entrepreneur’s home-based office. At the head office, there are trips down 30 floors for coffee breaks, friendly conversation with the people sitting next to you, long lunches, birthday celebrations, and don’t get me started on the meetings about meetings.

What’s my point to this rant? That I’ve been working really hard, long hours. And my brain gets tired! And that’s why I’ve been neglecting my own blog. Sad but true.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Yep, I see the light! It’s in the New Year, it’s in January 2016. And it resembles small business growth! We have lots of exciting announcements to make in the New Year … but you’ll have to wait for those as we finalize all the details. But let’s just say we’re scaling up quite nicely, and I’m learning to delegate, which will give me some more time to concentrate on all the important aspects of Beck SEO Copywriting — including our blog!

There are lots of cool things happening in search right now (which I’ll get to in a moment). I owe it to you to deliver the information in a quick and easy-to-understand format that you can rely on. And I’m going to do just that. So let’s start now by talking about some of the most recent SEO industry news … and then in the next couple of weeks I’ll round out the highlights of 2015 in search. So here’s the latest — enjoy!


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Link Building

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Backlink Immunity and Disavowed Link Disasters

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5 Essential Insights into Sustainable Link Building


Using Rel Canonical on All Pages for Duplicate Content Protection

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