Marketers are frequently faced with serious content-technology overload. Let’s face it, marketers are (for the most part) highly creative. And technology is, well, technological. So it’s no wonder why your marketing team may often cringe at certain trigger words like ‘data’ and ‘analytics.

“First of all, what the heck is a Martech Stack?” Yeah, great question.

Content-tech stacks have a whole host of moving parts, including marketing automation, analytics, content management systems, digital asset management, etc. According to Cathy McKnight, a one-time SAP coder and co-founder of Digital Clarity Group, “Many organizations often lack a clear strategy for building those stacks.”

Learn how a good strategy can help your marketing team use technology more effectively.

Content Tech Overload? 3 Questions to Ask Before You Buy


“Ever want to throw your computer across the room?”

When Cathy McKnight asks hundreds of tech-savvy marketers this question at the Intelligent Content Conference, many heads nod. And there’s a good reason. Continue…