2019 Digital Marketing TrendsThe world of digital marketing is always changing, with trends that keep us all on our toes (those of us who actually want to stay ahead of the curve and be successful, anyway).

With information overload becoming the norm, it’s nice to know that trends in the digital realm can still be tracked.

After all – innovation is always happening, but humans need time to recognize and implement new strategies and tools in their marketing efforts.

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Digital Marketing: Consistency is Key

You might already be familiar with some of the trends below, but they are only helpful if you actually apply consistent effort toward them.

Sure, the world of social media can seem overwhelming, but separating the value from the “noise” makes it possible to focus on execution, which leads to long-term success.

Regardless of your niche or experience, you can learn to effectively market your product or service – when you remain open to learning and evolving.

Key Digital Marketing Trends To Watch

Voice Search – Though traditional search is still the king, homes across the world now have smart speakers from companies like Amazon, Google and Apple. These devices are activated by voice search, and are used for everyday tasks such as ordering groceries or playing music.

Taking the time to learn about voice search and its increasingly evolving place in the digital marketing landscape is a wise investment.

Mobile Apps – One of the biggest keys to a successful mobile app is understanding what your target audience wants. Then it’s a matter of reverse-engineering it to create an app that keeps users informed, and makes it easy for them to take action.

A well-thought-out app keeps your brand fresh and top of mind. But don’t just set it and forget it – make sure you’re updating continuously to improve and bring value to your users. Keep it current and engaging!

Chatbots – They get a bad rap. Not everyone loves chatbots, but one thing is undeniable – they are a highly effective tool to automate lead generation and provide quick, if simple, customer service.

The benefits of a chatbot? They’re available 24/7 – you aren’t. They work cheap – cheaper than a full-time employee that is. They can be programmed to answer a ton of frequently asked questions, in an interactive format. Think FAQs 2.0.

We expect to see an increase in chatbot use throughout the rest of the year and into 2020.

Social Media Marketing (Across Multiple Platforms) – Everyone knows you need to be on social media. But where some folks seem to missing the mark is knowing which platforms they should be on.

For example, restaurants and travel companies are smarter to focus on Instagram because they’re highly visual, as opposed to, say, Twitter.

Moreover, SaaS companies would be wise to spend their time on LinkedIn because it’s highly B2B focused, rather than, say, Pinterest.

If you don’t have a full in-house team to work across all platforms at full capacity (not many of us do), choose your top two. It’s better to have two kick ass channels than six mediocre ones.

Digital marketing requires proper planning. Social media marketing is no different. If you’re going to post content hapharzardly, you might as well just toss your money out the window of a moving car.

Save Time and Money by Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency (Do it Right The First Time!) – Of course we’re a bit biased here, but it’s hard to watch companies throw away money that they could have better utilized.

As with many things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to hiring a team of experts who will go the extra mile to make sure your digital marketing campaigns succeed.

Yes, there are a lot of fly by night companies that over-promise and under-deliver, so be mindful of that and take your time with any new agency you speak with. That said, recognizing the value of a competent team and the pitfalls they help you avoid is crucial and worth investing in.

The Digital Marketing Disconnect: Know Your Strengths

Think of it this way: Not everyone has the same strengths. You might think you know social media, for example, but you may be much-better suited toward managing your own business than being an actual expert (experts are always learning, by the way!) in digital marketing.

The great thing is that when you hire an agency to help you reach your goals, you’ll learn a ton from them along the way – if you want to, that is! You could also sit back and have weekly or monthly meetings to track the progress that the agency is making.

There are a few other trends out there worth mentioning, so if you’d like to see more (or if you have any comments to share), let us know in the comments below!