Delegate your content creation

Have you heard? 2019 is going to be geared even more toward content than ever before. Marketers who actually want to rise above the competition will need to a) produce a lot of content, b) repurpose content to fit a variety of channels, and c) publish content that people actually find interesting.

Easy, right?

Maybe if you give up on those 6-8 hours every night spent unconscious. Or maybe if you successfully clone yourself. Otherwise, you’re going to need help – and that’s OK. We all need help with those time-consuming tasks that don’t fall into our day-to-day job descriptions.

One of the things I’ve learned over the many, many years I’ve been in business is that the best way to succeed is to learn how to delegate. It can be tough, I get it. Surrendering control, yikes! Paying for help, ouch!

But here’s the thing – if you don’t delegate, if you don’t ask for  help, if you hold on so tightly to all those tasks that need doing (the ones outside your job description) you’ll stretch yourself too thin and you’ll burn out. When you burn out, you’re no good to anyone. That income you count on every month? It stops. Your reputation? Kaput. Self-esteem, motivation, resilience… argh.

You have to accept the fact that spending some money in order to get help is a good thing. It will cost you far less in the long run, and I don’t just mean financially. Let me help you reframe it in your mind – don’t think of it as “spending money” – in actuality, you’re investing in your success (and sanity).

Delegating is about trust

One of the major issues that stop folks dead in their tracks when it comes to delegating is relinquishing control and trusting another person (or team) to get it right. That takes a lot of trust. So how do we know who to trust?

Let’s use Media Wise as an example. Maybe you’re an agency needing to outsource some blog writing work. Or maybe you’re a start-up business ready to take the world by storm with your new tech gadget and you need help with a press release and some web copy.

Understand the Process

For me, transparency is everything. I don’t believe in hiding what’s happening beind the curtain. I’m happy to show off the processes we have in place because it’s those processes that make us as great as we claim to be. Media Wise Marketing is comprised of an elite team of niche-specific writers who know how to craft copy that not only gets ranked in search engines, but converts from there. We’re not a content-farm. We are talented writers who pair the art and science of writing for web with individually unique industry experience.

When you order content from Media Wise, you can feel confident knowing you’re getting clean, relevant, well-written copy that speaks to your audience.

Check out our next blog post for an sneak peak at how we deliver stellar content — see our process from start to finish.