Everyone claims to be the best. Some people even believe they’re the best. But how do you, with everything else you’ve got going on, figure out who are the real leaders? Who is actually the best of the best?

For me, transparency is key. My Spidey Senses always go up when I can’t get a straight answer, or when my questions are met with canned answers filled with fancy words and lacking any relevant meaning. I figure if the sales person can’t tell me the truth, it means they don’t believe what they’re selling is legit. And if they don’t believe it, and you shouldn’t either.

That’s why I feel so strongly about being transparent. At Media Wise Marketing, we don’t have anything to hide. The first way I showed our transparency was by sharing our prices via a real-time calculator clearly marked on our website. Now, I’m going one step further by offering up our behind-the-scenes content creation process.

Here I will show you exactly how we produce the highest quality content available by an agency. It’s how we rise to the occasion and proudly declare ourselves an Elite Team of Niche-specific Writers.


  1. The Writer picks up an assigned task from the project management (PM) tool and marks it as “In progress”
  2. They retrieve all the necessary information from the content brief, and, after a quick kickoff call with the client, they go about writing the first draft
  3. They’ll save the file and upload it back into the PM tool
  4. The Writer will mark their task as “Complete,” which will trigger the Peer Reviewer’s task


  • A peer (another of our senior writers) picks up their assigned task in the PM tool and marks it as “In progress”
  • They’ll review the writer’s work, make necessary edits, catch any typos, add notes, ask questions and give feedback to the original writer
  • They’ll save the V2 file according to our naming format then they’ll upload it back into the PM tool
  • The Peer Reviewer will then mark their task as “Complete,” which will trigger the Writer’s task for revisions


  • The Writer will pick up the peer reviewed file from the PM tool and will mark their next task as “In progress”
  • The Writer will go over the peer reviewers notes and will make any and all necessary edits (this will continue internally as many times as it takes to get it right)
  • They will then save the V3 file and then upload it back into the PM tool
  • The Writer will mark the revisions task as “Complete,” which will trigger the Content Manager’s task for a final review and approval


  • The Content Manager picks up their assigned task and marks it as “In progress”
  • They’ll open the most recently edited version of the article and give it a final once-over, checking the usual spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as making sure the on-page SEO elements follow best practices. Finally, the article is run through a plagiarism tool to be sure it’s unique
  • Once final approval is granted by the Content Manager, the file is saved and marked as FINAL
  • The final version is uploaded into the Gdrive shared client folder
  • The Client is then alerted via email that the article is ready for review
  • The Content Manager will mark final review task as “Complete”


From this point forward, any and all necessary iterations will be handled within the shared Google doc. The Client, Content Manager and Writer will all have access to the shared Gdoc. We stand behind our work, making edits until the client is 100% satisfied.

Here’s a visual representation of our process:

Content Marketing Team, Quality Control Process

Ready to kick your content marketing strategy into gear? Whether you need copy from scratch or just a quick edit, give us a buzz, we’re happy to help.