Scary writers

Once upon a not so very long time ago, I hired a writer—a seemingly well-qualified writer. He had it all:great writing samples, a super attitude, prompt actions, pleasant to speak with, very well educated, and talked a great game about having “strong SEO experience and knowledge.” He was extremely eager to work, so I put him to work!

In came the first assignment and I thought: “Whoa…” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing:

  • He had zero SEO knowledge. If it were possible to have less than zero knowledge, this guy would have managed it!
  • He didn’t use our SEO cheat sheet, which clearly tells you precisely how to write a Title tag!
  • His idea of writing copy for the homepage was to write a shotty H1 tag and call it a day. I kid you not – there wasn’t one word on the page.

And that was just the beginning. As I read through various parts of the copy for the other pages, it was clear that it had been written quickly, was filled with typos, and hadn’t been given a second glance before being submitted, as evidenced by the glaring grammatical errors.

I figured one of two things happened here. Either: a) the person I hired to write copy outsourced it to someone offshore, or b) the person I hired to write copy took the “fake it ’til you make it” motto much too literally.

But wait! Those are only a few of the problems you can run into when you’re trying to find a qualified writer. Here are a few other—a-hem—challenges, let’s call them:

  • It’s Right There in Black & White: Your new writer signs a contract agreeing to X dollars per piece, only to seem shocked and dismayed when you offer said dollar figure. “But that’s ¼ of my usual rate!”
  • Missing in Action: They’re all geared up and ready to rock! You assign the work and the due date comes … and goes. They’ve dropped off the face of the earth without a trace, never to be seen or heard from again.
  • The Dog Ate My Homework: The due date is tomorrow at noon – you check your email at 10 p.m. one last time before bed and see the dreaded, “Sorry, I can’t finish this on time, insert lame excuse here.”

Ringing any bells? These are just a few of the many fires you may need to put out when trying to find legit talent.

You Can Have a Happy Ending

Not all stories have to end in sheer horror. There is a better way to find and work with qualified writers. It begins by offloading the recruitment process to a professional.

Imagine this scenario instead: you need a series of blog posts, a landing page and a case study written by the end of the month. You pick up the phone and call your reliable content provider and give them all the details: word count, topics, timelines, etc…

Next thing you know, there’s an estimate in your inbox and you’ve been introduced to a niche-specific writer who has extensive experience writing for your industry.

Just a few short days later, copy starts to arrive … and it’s good. Really good! It’s tight, clean, and totally on point. The tone and feel is geared perfectly to your audience, and the copy even arrived fully optimized for search.

Maybe you make a few small tweaks, and inside 24 hours, you’re ready to publish. If that’s not a happy ending, I don’t know what is.

Hiring a Writer is Hard, Leave it to the Pros!

Worse than hard, it’s messy, complicated, time-consuming and it can be super disappointing. I know firsthand how tough it can be to find qualified talent, especially in the writing world. It’s such a noisy space, finding a decent writer can be like finding a needle in a haystack. No, scratch that, sometimes it’s like trying to thread a needle in a haystack with one hand tied behind your back. Blindfolded. Under water.

Ready to rewrite that horror story to have a happy ending? Let us tackle the tough stuff so you can focus on what’s really important—your business. At Media Wise Marketing, we know how time-consuming it can be trying to find real writers. Let us find and match you with the ideal writer for your next project.

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