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Web Writing Tips to Double (Even Triple) Your Conversions

Writing for the web ... the words on your page can make or break a business. It's true. You can do everything else right -- great web design, easy navigation and even kick ass SEO. But if your website doesn't convert, it's all for nothing. Here are some quick and easy web writing tips to [...]

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Influencer Marketing: Lessons Learned by Software Giant

Influencer marketing, it's all the rage. But what exactly is it? What qualifies one particular person to be considered an "influencer" over another? Influencer marketing is fairly new. Well, the term "influencer marketing" is fairly new. But the concept itself, not so much. We're really just talking about product placement. Remember a decade or two [...]

Forget Everything You’ve Been Told About Content Marketing

There’s too much noise on the Internet. Turn it off, silence it so you can focus on your stuff, not everyone else’s sales pitches. I’ve come to realize that I spend hours every day wasting time sorting through emails I don’t need – newsletters filled with the same old garbage, emails from people trying to sell me [...]

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5 Critical Steps to a Stress-Free Website Redesign

A complete website redesign is no easy task -- even for the smallest of sites. It's not as simple as it may seem at the get go, as many website owners discover (the hard way) after a site relaunch. Without proper planning, you can lose valuable links, hard-earned SERP rankings and unknowingly create an unbearably sucky user [...]

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SEO Copywriting: It’s NOT About the Keywords Anymore

"Content is King." It's been said a thousand times. And there's a reason for that. It's because, like so many other sayings, it's true. Words have been selling products and services for, well, as long as the act of marketing has been around. When then Internet took hold of the world, I mean really took [...]

Are You Stacking the Odds with a Martech Stack?

Marketers are frequently faced with serious content-technology overload. Let's face it, marketers are (for the most part) highly creative. And technology is, well, technological. So it's no wonder why your marketing team may often cringe at certain trigger words like 'data' and 'analytics. "First of all, what the heck is a Martech Stack?" Yeah, great [...]

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How to Find Content Your Audience Will Actually Enjoy

Many will say that the best place to find content ideas is by doing keyword research. Others will say it's by creeping your competitors. And some would even argue that the best way to figure out what kind of content your audience really wants to  consume is to simply ask them. Each of these methods [...]

Google Features: Are We Competing Within Google, or WITH Google?

Exploring Google Features in SERPs It’s getting more and more difficult to truly understand what it is that Google wants. Knowing how to give the search giant what it needs in order to rank your web pages up top is becoming a veritable black box. Not so long ago, we were jumping through a barrage [...]

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80% of Google Home Results Come From Snippets

Well if that's not an argument to start using schema markup in your pages, I don't know what is. According to Gary Vaynerchuk, "The next search engine is 'voice' ... I'm completely convinced... This is your next opportunity." Fact of the matter is, Gary is right -- as he often is. A Voice Search Ranking Report was conducted [...]

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