Build Your Own Content Marketing Bundle

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to content marketing. Your business is unique. That’s the main reason we only work with niche-specific writers, so that you can feel confident knowing your writer speaks your language.

We also know that sometimes you need help with your content marketing strategy, and sometimes you don’t. If you already know what you want, you can build your own bundle down below. If you need a little help with your content plan, or if you have some questions, go ahead and contact us for a free strategy session.

If your content marketing needs are super simple, check out our pre-packaged bundles to save even more on the content you regularly order.

Start with some blog posts

  • Dedicated niche-specific SEO Copywriter

  • Content Manager + Project Manager

  • Up to 1000 words of unique, SEO-friendly copy

  • Recommended URL

  • Title & meta description tags

  • Header tags (H1 & H2s)

  • Internal & external link recommendations

SEO Writing - Blog Post

add a case study

case study writing

Case studies are a great way to show the world you’re a leader in your field. Show potential clients:

    1. you understand their challenges
    2. you have the solution to their problem
    3. you have proven success

refresh some meta data

Titles & meta descriptions are your 1st opportunity for conversion. Can you really afford to ignore them? Or worse, leave them in the hands of the technical team (no offense, devs, we love you!). 

meta data

I’m ready to build my own bundle.

Let’s go!

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how about a new landing page

landing page web writing

Of course we write web copy, too. Just like blog posts, our niche-specific writers are trained to write search-engine-friendly copy that also speaks to your target audience.

or an email marketing campaign

Not all content is meant for your website. Let our email writing experts help you generate clever, concise email messages for all your email marketing campaigns.

email marketing campaign

don’t forget social media content

social media marketing copywriting

You’ve spent all that time and energy to create stellar web pages and blog posts, now show ’em off! Our social media writers will help you spread the word about all your fabulous new copy.

I’m ready. Let’s do this!

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